Nautica by Adera, Phase I and II – Project Value $776,000

Bordering on the Stevestonocean-front, this 214 unit condominium project shares a common on-grade pond, boardwalk and bridges with its neighbors, as well as an on-slab courtyard area featuring a water-feature, and wooden deck and gazebo barbeque area. Design by Johnathon Losee Landscape Architecture.

Landesign’s scope of work included:

  • site works, excavation for shared pond system on grade, hauling and disposal of subsoils
  • install clay liner and granite shore treatment for pond
  • installation of water pump and 8” recirculation line
  • floating recirculation fountains
  • concrete substructure for wooden decks and bridges, decking, railings
  • curving concrete block retaining walls andpoly liner for on-slab pool
  • concrete pavers on grade
  • irrigation system
  • decorative rock
  • gravel paths
  • topsoil and plant installation