Meet Our Team

landscape design vancouver
Blake Corbet
Principal, General Manager

Blake has been in the construction business since the late 70s when he began as a labourer in the road construction industry. He started Landesign in 1984 in Calgary working on primarily custom residential and estate properties, He has since moved the operation to Vancouver, where Landesign has served the lower mainland, Whistler, and the interior, providing land based services to private owners, general contractors, developers, and public clients.

Steve Madsen

Steve has been with RDM Enterprises for more than 25 years, and has learned every aspect of the business from the use of a shovel to estimating and managing projects in excess of 10m$. Through RDM's resources, and Steve's knowledge of major excavation, underground, and civil contracting, Landesign is fully capable of taking on site preparation work from bulk excavation, earth moving, major retaining walls, road construction, and erosion control.

landscape architecture vancouver
landscape architecture vancouver
Leah Miller
Horticultural Expert

Leah is the Head Horitculturalist for the City of Langley where she is in charge of the selection, installation and maintenance of Langley's street trees and public landscape areas. A member of the International Society of Arborists, Leah is a certified tree assessor. Leah forms an integral part of our design team, complimenting hard landscape design with tree and plant selection. She is also fully qualified to assess the viability and sustainability of existing growth.